PGDM 2018

TouchTalent Marketing 9.75LacsP.A Marketing 8.50LacsP.A
Times Group Marketing 8.00LacsP.A
ICICI Securuities Finance 7.00LacsP.A.
Citi Bank Finance 6.50LacsP.A.
Educomp Marketing 6.40LacsP.A.
Pinacle Marketing 6.00LacsP.A.
Matrix Cellular Marketing 5.50LacsP.A
Liberty Marketing 5.50LacsP.A.
HTMediaDigitalLtd. Marketing 5.30LacsP.A.
Nestle Marketing 5.20LacsP.A.
CapitalIQ Finance 5.20LacsP.A.
RaasCapital Finance/Marketing 5.10LacP.A
Just Dial Marketing 5.00LacsP.A.
PayTM Marketing 5.00LacsP.A.
RMI Mumbai Marketing 5.00LacsP.A.
EasternSoftwareSystems Marketing 4.90LacsP.A.
Mansukh securities Finance 4.80LacsP.A.
SharpAutomation Marketing 4.80LacsP.A.
Idea Cellular Marketing 4.70LacsP.A.
Reliance Marketing 4.60LacsP.A. Marketing 4.60LacsP.A. Marketing 4.50LacsP.A.
GrailResearch Finance 4.50LacsP.A.
TataCroma Marketing&HR 4.50LacsP.A.
Vodafone Marketing 4.40LacsP.A.
Carwale Marketing 4.40LacsP.A
Pinacle HR 4.30LacsP.A.
AmericanExpress Marketing 4.25LacsP.A.
Ritzel Marketing 4.20LacsP.A.
Times Group Marketing 4.10LacsP.A. Marketing 4.00LacsP.A.
Matrix Marketing 4.00LacsP.A.
Baggrys Marketing 4.00LacsP.A.
IndusindBank Marketing 4.00LacsP.A.
Just Dial Marketing 4.00LacsP.A
ICICI Prudential Marketing 4.00LacsP.A.
CargillFoods Finance 3.75Lacs
VishalMegaMart Marketing 3.60LacsP.A.
BajajAllianz Marketing 3.50LacsP.A.
ApolloTyres Marketing 3.40LacsP.A.
Aspiring Minds Marketing 3.40LacsP.A.
SRF Marketing 3.40LacP.A.
PropTiger Marketing 3.40LacsP.A.
XLIndiaBusinessServicesPvt.Ltd Marketing/Finance 3.40LacsP.A.
HCLServicesLimited Marketing/Operations 3.40LacsP.A.
BlackRock Finance 3.40LacsP.A.
ATC Finance 3.40LacsP.A
SBIMutulFund Finance/Marketing 3.50LacsP.A.
FinEdgeFinancialAdv Marketing 3.50lacsP.A.
Servicecap Marketing 3.50lacsP.A.
Mencer Marketing 3.50LacsP.A.
BATA Marketing 3.50LacsP.A
Educomp Marketing 3.50LacsP.A.
Haier HR 3.00LacsP.A.
Onicra Finance 3.00LacsP.A.
Mencer Marketing 3.00LacsP.A.
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